10A Machine Wefts

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Our 10A double drawn hair wefts are nothing short of stunning. These wefts are all hand picked, strand by strand. Each strand is chosen for its health characteristics. Healthy characteristics include in tact full cuticles, alignment, visible medulla and cortex. All of these characteristics must be present in each strand in order to be included in this glamorous 10A weft. Double drawn hair makes the ends of these wefts just as thick as the top of the weft. No split ends and a natural sheen makes these wefts "red-carpet" ready. You may color, style and wash these wefts for years to come. These beautiful wefts will last more than 2 years...guaranteed!


Product: Triple stitched micro wefts

Grade: 10A grade European hair. Full cuticles.

Draw: Double Drawn (80% hair ratio) 100% hair ratio (optional)

Weft Width: 54" when open

Weight: 100- 108g

Length(s): 16"-24"

Texture(s): Straight (ST)

Color(s): 21 colors (see color swatch picture above)

Lifespan: 2+ years