Full Pack Premier Hand-Tied Weft

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Usually ships within 3-5 days.
Product Details:
Length:            18"-22"
Width:              10-11"
Wefts:              18"- 7 wefts, 20"- 7 wefts, 22"-6 wefts
Weight:            105g-112g/ pack
Hair:                Virgin Full Cuticle
Texture:           Straight (In-stock) all other textures require 3 weeks from time of order.
Draw:              Double Drawn (90% hair ratio)
Acronym:         P= Piano, B= Balayage, T= Ombre, M= Mix (1:1)
A note about the Premier Collection of Hand-Tied Wefts:
These are the workhorses of hand-tied stylists everywhere. They come in over 40 different colors that include 12 different rooted balayages and Ombres. These hand-tieds save time behind the chair and produce glamourous results. 
90-day warranty from time of purchase that will cover tangling, shedding, color run or bearding. Any use of purple shampoos, toners, lifters, volumizers, excessive heat without protectant, salt, chlorine, shaving, texturizing will void this warranty.