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     Salon Xtensions, LLC., sometimes referred to as SalonX, is a multinational professional hair extension manufacturer, distributor and brand.  Our main office is located in the heart of New York City, with our manufacturing facilities in India. Since 2015, SalonX has been supplying wholesalers worldwide with several different product lines. In 2018, we decided to enhance and expand our product lines, education and support directly to licensed stylists worldwide. 

     SalonX comprises five main offerings; an Organic Line, a Russian Line, a Custom Line, Education and Private Label Services. These five offerings provide the stylist with more product options than any other brand. Since each stylists’ client is unique, “one size does not fit all”. Every stylist can consult with a SalonX’s knowledgeable staff and deliver a unique product and experience to each of their clients.

     SalonX does not only offer many different extension products (hand-tied wefts, machine wefts, flexi-wefts, tape ins, fusion tips, halos and nano rings), but also offers these products in many types of hair. Our virgin donor hair is meticulously sourced from Europe, Russia, India and Asia, providing the stylist with the absolute best matched and natural blend for each of their clients. 

     Above and beyond the vast products that SalonX offers, we truly pride ourselves on providing each stylist with extensive product support. The support and education is just as important as the product itself. Whether the support is through our certification classes, our online 24/7 forum (SalonXtribe), our toll-free phone number or online account support, each stylist will be assured that they are not alone in the process. SalonX is here for our stylists every step of the way to provide them with the latest techniques and trends that they can in turn provide their clients. 

     Whether you are just beginning your  journey of  hair extensions or you are a seasoned veteran, Salon Xtensions can help you start, grow and maximize your extensions potential. SalonX will be your first and last stop for everything hair extensions.


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